Are you shopping for a surfboard? See this first

beachcrewChecking the right one for you? Do you want to get your first surfboard? Depending on your weight, height or ability, there is a perfect surfboard for you. Also, before you purchase your first surfboard, you might like to consider which kind of waves would you like to try it for. Knowing these main points will greatly help you in your final decision when you’re shopping for a surfboard of your choice.

A longboard is 9 to 12 feet in size. They’re wider and much larger than most boards. They have one center fin, although sometimes you’ll see longboards with 2 side fins. The tails are typically flat or rounded ones. You may want to ride a longboard if the waves in your area are small. Longboards are excellent for beginners for its size and regularity of catching waves.

However, because of their sheer size, you’re going to have a longer paddle time in front of you. But when you start going, you’ll enjoy just how sleek they glide. For intermediates, longboards can help you smoothen out your technique. What’s good about longboard is that you may ride the big waves and the little ones. Longboard isn’t as stylish as its smaller counterpart, however it guarantees longer surf time all year round.

Funboards are shorter versus the long board — typically six to eight feet long. They’re what we frequently call as “Malibu designs”. They’re good for intermediate surfers that are shifting from longboards towards the flashier ones. It is versatile because you can ride it on small, mushy waves up to overheads. Funboards have the same design as a longboard – rounded nose, wide, thick and square tails. They can have a single fin or a 2 plus 1 set up – in which you have a long center fin flanked by two smaller fins that give you additional stability and management.

A fish is usually a shorter board – around 5 1⁄2 to 6 feet in length. It has a wide and thick body with rounded nose and wide tail – just like a FISH! This board features a twin fin or a quad fin set up. You can use this board for point breaks. Because of its width and length, you can be assured that even riding a small wave is fulfilling. A gun is a narrow, long board typically six to ten feet in length. Because of its narrow body, a gun is built for large waves unlike shorter boards.


Well, a longer, narrower board allows for a longer rail line. While a broader board is busy pushing the water away from it – or displacement – a gun basically glides on top of it. Shortboards are great for areas where waves are sharp — just like those seen in Hawaii. These boards provide better mobility and manageability unlike the longboard. Shortboards are thinner and have more rockers.Usually, a shortboard has three fins. But you can find new types available for sale that features four fins.

When should you use a shortboard?

If living inside the barrel is your thing, go for it. If the waves are inside their highest in months and you are attempting to climb up on them, then ride using a shortboard. You have to do your research when you are choosing for a surfboard. However, you don’t need to do it on your own. While you are wondering about what surfboard to purchase, why don’t you check out some surf vacations to help you grow your surfing skills? We found an organization that gives surf instructional tours and camps in places like Costa Rica. Would you like to find out more? Then check out All-Star Adventures (


Interesting data about Skiing and Snowboarding Queenstown and Wanaka

aNZed-056New Zealand’s leading ski holidays and snowboard holidays provider, All-Star Adventures, will offer you Powder Storming New Zealand Tour at the picturesque towns of Queenstown and Wanaka so you get all inclusive ski holiday. Skiers and snowboarders should expect an amazing vacation. Referred to as the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown boasts a variety of events for adrenaline seekers. For those who would like to enjoy an amazing holiday with their loved ones, Wanaka will never fail them. It is a casual town found at the southern end of Lake Wanaka.

But before you get ready, would you be interested to learn more information on Wanaka and Queenstown? Just who or what exactly is “Wanaka”? Who is the first US president to visit Queenstown? What makes The Remarkable, well, remarkable? Did you know that the Lord of the Rings was filmed around this region?

Wanaka came from the phrase “Oanaka” which means “the place of Anaka”. Remarkably, Anaka is a local chieftain. Wanaka’s original name was Pembroke — after a British Colonial Secretary. Queenstown was originally called “Camp” by early settler and traveler William Reese. Based on an old story, the place was very beautiful that gold prospectors declared it as “a place fit for a Queen”. Some are convinced that the name “Queenstown” originated from a town located in Ireland. Colin Basterfield of United Kingdom was the very first person to bungee jump into the year 2000. He jumped off Nevis Highwire Bungy. A local resident from Southland, New Zealand became the oldest person to bungee jump. He was 94. He jumped at the Kawarau Bridge Bungy.

In July 1995 snow fell for 11 consecutive days in Queenstown and lay on the ground for 14 days. In September 1999, President Clinton was the first US President ever to go to Queenstown. At the height of filming the Lord of The Rings, over 500 people a day queued at the casting rooms in Queenstown. Chile, Queenstown and Argentina are situated at the same latitude — 45 degrees south. Queenstown’s resident population is only around 18,000. Yet, the size increases more than 100 times (1.8 million) as it welcome tourists each year.

Besides The Rockies, The Remarkable is the only other mountain range worldwide that runs directly from north to south. Surveyor Alexander Garvie coined the name after seeing the impressive view of the mountain range at sunset. The TSS Earnslaw is the only remaining passenger-carrying coal-fired steamship in the Southern Hemisphere. In 1885 all Queenstown hotels were run by ladies who all were widows. The Shotover River is known as the richest gold bearing river of its size on the planet. In 1947, Sir Henry Wigley launched the commercial skiing in Queenstown. Set up in 1958, Queenstown’s Kawarau Jet was the first commercial jet boat business. In 1988, Bungy New Zealand’s Kawarau Bridge bungy site became the first commercial bungy operation worldwide.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Vertical Limit, Prince Caspian, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 10,000 BC were shot at Queenstown and the Southern Lakes region. In the last 10 years, Wanaka’s population roughly doubled to 5,000 due to its growing tourism sector. The Warbirds over Wanaka International Show is the largest “war birds” air show in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a biennial event which showcases a collection of World War II aircraft from around the globe. Lake Wanaka is New Zealand’s fourth largest lake. It is situated 300 meters above sea level with an approximate depth of 300 meters. Lake Hawea is the 9th largest lake in New Zealand. Queenstown and Wanaka are not just exceptional ski and snowboard getaway. They are also a place rich in culture and history.

6 Best Guides for Bikram Yoga Starters

A session’s worth of Bikram Yoga can be quite overwhelming in the beginning. Not only are you signing up to the hottest (sorry for the pun) yoga class around, thus having you alongside professional yogis, you’ll push yourself to complete a series of Asanas in a damp, sweaty place.

Are you all set? Before you stretch your way to fitness, here are some helpful tips which will help you get over your first session.

Talk to your doctor

Before signing up for a yoga class, it’ll be to your own benefit if you consult your doctor should you say “yes” on the following concerns:

Do you suffer from diabetes? Are you affected by high or low blood pressure? Are you pregnant? Are you prone to nausea? Better consult your healthcare provider prior to submitting yourself inside of a room stuffed with sweaty folks. There’s nothing more serious than fainting while attempting a tree pose. If that’s the case, you’re best off enrolling in an alternative yoga program.

Dump the lotion

Visualize yourself nailing a perfect Standing Bow-Pulling Pose just to slide out of it because you are coated with lotion on your body. Isn’t that annoying? Keep your lotion and moisturizers in your car and allow your body’s natural moisture take care of you.

lunchtimeFocus on one goal

Just forget about what others think about your Asanas. They are not there to check on you. Everyone seems to be busy with themselves to be concerned with how good or bad you do the Eagle pose. Rather than seeking a few pretty individuals within the crowd, immerse yourself to the concept of elegant physical movements you thought were unachievable, such as Costa Rica surfing.

Check your clothing

Cotton clothes only trap sweat – making you feel overweight and cumbersome. You ought to consider tight clothing to assist you to release the heat your body generates. Bringing a towel for good measure is advisable because you will definitely sweat a great deal.

Your breathing makes a difference

Do not hold your breath when you are performing a tough pose. Do not try to become too mechanical either. The perfect breathing relaxes your body and mind and assists you thru trickier poses. So, is there a proper way to breathe? Did you hear about the 80-20 rule? Breathe deeply up until you fill up your lungs. Breathe out 20% of your breath. Continue with 20% inhalation and exhalation while holding your position. Breathe out after completing the pose.

Fluid is your pal

Get plenty of fluids two hours before your session. While you’re at the session, a sip or two is advisable. Don’t guzzle during breaks or you’ll find yourself running to the bathroom every now and then. Since a Bikram yoga session uses up an enormous amount of calories, you may find yourself losing vital fluids. Rejuvenate yourself with electrolytes. Gatorade, coconut water and Emergen-C are your top options to help you to get back on target. Shortage of electrolytes may cause headaches, nausea and cramps.

Bikram Yoga promises a number of helpful advantages such as: eliminating toxins from your body, flexibility, toughness, coordination and an extremely powerful core. However, as with every other workout or fitness routine, you need to be sure that you are ready and up to the challenge. Follow these guides for a great Bikram Yoga session so you can also surf Costa Rica with your loved ones.

Do I need Skateboard Lessons?

Am I a Poser?

Let’s say you are just getting into skating and you were  having a rough time in the park. Someone might have called you a poser and you were pissed because of that. The question is, do you have to believe the guy? The answer is no! As long as your reason for learning how to skate is because of the sheer fun of it, then you’re good. Everybody who seems to be starting out will be labelled as posers anyway. The greater challenge is to prove them wrong.

But how do you prove them wrong? Well, you might start by looking at your deck. Serious skaters buy good quality decks because they plan to use them for a long time. Do you have a quality deck that will survive a summer of skateboarding?  Another good thing to do is go to a skate camp or take a skateboard lesson.  We at Top Momma think All-Star skateboard lessons in Denver Colorado is one of the very best.

Next, maybe you should start learning the basics like Ollie. Posers don’t know what an Ollie is or how to do one. Practice ollies to death and skaters won’t make fun of you. If you don’t want to be labelled as a poser, you have to be comfortable with what you wear. Posers try to impress with brands, wearing or riding the latest craze. But don’t let that be you. Wear something – branded or not – that makes you feel comfortable. A simple tee shirt will do. Nice comfy pants or shorts are cool. A durable skate specific shoe will do. Remember, posers dress up because they need people’s approval. You on the other hand will earn their respect by letting them know that you just want to skate.

Fashions come and go. What’s hot with kids nowadays may not be as cool three to five weeks from today. But what will really stand out is your style in the park. Invest your time on the tricks that will put you above the poser level. Instead of deciding what to wear, how about ask yourself which skills you want to be famous for?

Am I too old to skate?

No one is too old to skate – unless when your hips and knees are starting to give you some sleepless nights. Seven year olds might be beating you at the park, but who cares? Everybody starts somewhere. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you do.

Being too old doesn’t mean you cannot learn new tricks. However, if you plan on learning one, you better start on the flat ground. Warm yourself up for a couple of weeks or even months before you start.

Do you know that skateboarding is a great form of exercise? It helps you cut down those excess calories and shed those additional pounds after a day of sitting on your office chair. Skateboard also develops your sense of balance and alertness. Now who would have thought a children’s toy could do that?

There’s an article which speaks about a new breed of skaters called “skategeezers”. They are middle-aged people – usually in their 40’s and up – who still enjoy the sport. Here is an excerpt:

“Part of the joy of being a skategeezer is sharing the joy of skateboarding with our kids, nieces, nephews, and – yes- grandchildren. We don’t do this to be cool, we do this for the pure thrill it generates. A lot of skategeezers also volunteer to run competitions in their communities. They are happy to give back and help the next generation. “ (Why you’re never too old to skateboard? by Michael Brooke,

Does wearing a helmet makes me a wussy?

Ask that question to countless of people who suffered from head injuries and concussions just because they don’t want to be labelled as such.

Helmets are made to protect you from head injuries. It’s like a seatbelt – you may not want to use it but it saves lives.

If you are just learning how to skate, it will be better if you wear your helmet because your sense of balance is not yet developed. Even pro skaters like Tony Hawk wears one, so why don’t you?

There’s an article written by Joel A. Erickson, a Denver Post Staff Writer, entitled “Look, ma, no helmet”. Let the message sink in and may this be a reminder on how important it is to wear your helmet.

Skateboarding is a fun sport. It is part of our culture and it is becoming a globally accepted thanks to those who love the sport. If you really love what you are doing, you have to make sure that you invest your time learning it. May these 3 questions help you to develop the proper attitude in enjoying the sport that you love.