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The Four Snowboarding and Skiing Resorts in New Zealand you shouldn’t miss

If you plan to visit New Zealand, you must visit its awesome ski and snowboarding holiday resorts found around Queensland and Wanaka region. If you’re ready to explore the ski and snowboarding resorts of New Zealand, better start out with these four amazing places. Being the leading ski holiday tour company in New Zealand, All Star Adventures takes guests to each of these resorts and more throughout their well-known Powder Storming New Zealand Ski and Snowboard Tour. The company invites all skiers and snowboarders to discover this tour. All skill levels are welcome!

aNZed-056The Coronet Peak

Established in 1947, the Coronet Peak is New Zealand’s first commercial ski field. This well-developed ski field is only twenty minutes away from Queenstown. Coronet Peak is less packed as compared to Remarkables. It has a variety of terrain that skiers and snowboarders will surely appreciate. It is the home of the Queenstown Winter Festival as well as the New Zealand Winter Games. The thrill doesn’t stop around this place because you can ski from morning (First Tracks) till night (Night Skiing). Here’s a quick fact : the field features the country’s largest fully automated snowmaking system with 213 snow guns. Would you like to take the family with you? You’ll be glad to know that kids aged six and younger will get day lift passes for free. You can go to Coronet Peak between 7th of June until 30th of September.

The Remarkables

The Remarkables is a mountain range and ski field located in Otago, South Island of New Zealand. The ski resort has three mountain bowls covering 540 acres with six lifts. The Remarkables has three terrain parks and a snow tubing park your children will surely enjoy. It covers 220 hectares of skiable area with different terrains available for beginners to advanced skiers. The snowboard lessons are very good quality that are going to make you feel confident. Expect to have a larger and much better holiday resort when it opens its doors on the June 21. It will feature a double snowmaking capacity, a bigger car park and even more trails for starters.

Cardrona Alpine Resort

The Cardona Alpine Resort promises the most consistent snow condition in the Queensland-Wanaka region. With a surface that covers 345 hectares of dry, powdery snow, it is the region’s second biggest ski area. The resort provides broad and groomed slopes. Cardrona Alpine Resort features a good assortment of terrain like: green runs for learners and varied blue runs for intermediate skiers. For novices, access the newly developed Cardrona beginner’s slopes, reachable using a state-of-the art “magic carpet” lifts. It provides seven terrain parks composed of two half pipes, four parks and a gravity cross course – best for skiers and snowboarders who love terrain parks. The resort will open on June 20.

The Treble Cone

This place is all about the extremes! The Treble Cone has the longest vertical rise at 4 kilometers and the region’s largest ski area at 550 hectares. Snowboarders and skiers will surely appreciate its field detailed with numerous chutes, bowls and drops. The Austrian national ski team was so impressed with the place, they made it their off-season training ground. Not to be outclassed by other resorts, Treble Cone has expansive and well-groomed trails for beginners and intermediates alike. The resort has some cool amenities like a free surface lift for newbies and a day’s worth of trekking to small terrain parks. The resort will open on June 26.

Are you shopping for a surfboard? See this first

beachcrewChecking the right one for you? Do you want to get your first surfboard? Depending on your weight, height or ability, there is a perfect surfboard for you. Also, before you purchase your first surfboard, you might like to consider which kind of waves would you like to try it for. Knowing these main points will greatly help you in your final decision when you’re shopping for a surfboard of your choice.

A longboard is 9 to 12 feet in size. They’re wider and much larger than most boards. They have one center fin, although sometimes you’ll see longboards with 2 side fins. The tails are typically flat or rounded ones. You may want to ride a longboard if the waves in your area are small. Longboards are excellent for beginners for its size and regularity of catching waves.

However, because of their sheer size, you’re going to have a longer paddle time in front of you. But when you start going, you’ll enjoy just how sleek they glide. For intermediates, longboards can help you smoothen out your technique. What’s good about longboard is that you may ride the big waves and the little ones. Longboard isn’t as stylish as its smaller counterpart, however it guarantees longer surf time all year round.

Funboards are shorter versus the long board — typically six to eight feet long. They’re what we frequently call as “Malibu designs”. They’re good for intermediate surfers that are shifting from longboards towards the flashier ones. It is versatile because you can ride it on small, mushy waves up to overheads. Funboards have the same design as a longboard – rounded nose, wide, thick and square tails. They can have a single fin or a 2 plus 1 set up – in which you have a long center fin flanked by two smaller fins that give you additional stability and management.

A fish is usually a shorter board – around 5 1⁄2 to 6 feet in length. It has a wide and thick body with rounded nose and wide tail – just like a FISH! This board features a twin fin or a quad fin set up. You can use this board for point breaks. Because of its width and length, you can be assured that even riding a small wave is fulfilling. A gun is a narrow, long board typically six to ten feet in length. Because of its narrow body, a gun is built for large waves unlike shorter boards.


Well, a longer, narrower board allows for a longer rail line. While a broader board is busy pushing the water away from it – or displacement – a gun basically glides on top of it. Shortboards are great for areas where waves are sharp — just like those seen in Hawaii. These boards provide better mobility and manageability unlike the longboard. Shortboards are thinner and have more rockers.Usually, a shortboard has three fins. But you can find new types available for sale that features four fins.

When should you use a shortboard?

If living inside the barrel is your thing, go for it. If the waves are inside their highest in months and you are attempting to climb up on them, then ride using a shortboard. You have to do your research when you are choosing for a surfboard. However, you don’t need to do it on your own. While you are wondering about what surfboard to purchase, why don’t you check out some surf vacations to help you grow your surfing skills? We found an organization that gives surf instructional tours and camps in places like Costa Rica. Would you like to find out more? Then check out All-Star Adventures (