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How Yoga could save your Surfing Skills?

bustesunsetCan you really mix an Eastern practice with a Western water sport? What if someone informed you that a regular session of Yoga can boost your efficiency? Wouldn’t that be great? Yoga isn’t as uninteresting as you think. What’s even better is that the rewards are well –documented, even surfing legends such as Kelly Slater and Gerry Lopez are regular practitioners of it. According to, nine-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater practices yoga regularly as a cross-training and can touch the top of his head to his heels in a glorious Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon Pose). Gerry Lopez, Mr. Pipeline himself, had a helpful article in Surfermag where he talked about how yoga can save your surfing.

Yoga provides for a quicker pop-up

Yoga fully stimulates your lower abdominals. In addition, it offers tremendous hip flexibility that you need to support yourself during pop ups. According to an article by matadornetwork, Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-Limbed Staff Pose can help your core, triceps and back. Not only that, the Eagle Pose exercises your upper back and shoulders – necessary for long paddling sessions.

Yoga teaches you the way to breathe properly

… that makes you healthier. Surfing is a very strenuous sport both mentally and physically. You’re out there, paddling all day to capture a big wave and when you do, you have to make sure that you keep yourself “centered” to relish the ride as long as possible. You need to recognize that with proper breathing you allow yourself to take the right amount of oxygen that you need to maintain your peak performance.

What exactly is a proper breathing? Let Gerry Lopez discuss it to you:

“Breathing is the first thing we do in this life. When done properly, breathing can really contribute positively to your overall health. But so many of us forget how to breathe. We become mouth-breathers and take really short, shallow breaths. When you breathe like that, you’re not getting the oxygen you need and you won’t be performing at your highest level. You could spend a lifetime studying how to breathe properly, but here’s a few quick points to keep in mind: Keep your mouth closed, and breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose. Let your breath fill your entire lungs and then exhale slowly.” (

Be flexible thru Yoga

Contrary to other fitness regimen, Yoga has more stretching and conditioning routines which promise a prolonged surf time for you. Actually, Garrett McNamara shared his experience in an article entitled “How Yoga Helped Me Surf My Way To A World Record?” . According to him, practicing yoga will enable you to develop your flexibility. As a result, it will make you more immune to fatigue.

Yoga raises your concentration plus your state of mind

Let’s admit it, there are times when the big waves are almost non-existent. You normally take more time waiting on the beach or paddling just to catch the next big wave. Being a yoga practitioner, you can convert these bland moments into focused meditation. Simply, you tend to understand a little more about life and how it is like surfing in which the big waves (feast) and the small waves (famine) are part of nature. Do you need to improve your skills? Then why don’t you try to join your nearest yoga class or consider online video lessons as a start? If the pro’s do it , then so can you. We found a surf vacation that lets you grow your surfing skills coupled with yoga practice, offered by All-Star Adventures ( This company delivers fantastic surf vacations with instruction and surf camps to suit your needs. Check out their Surf and Yoga retreats…those look really awesome.

Are you shopping for a surfboard? See this first

beachcrewChecking the right one for you? Do you want to get your first surfboard? Depending on your weight, height or ability, there is a perfect surfboard for you. Also, before you purchase your first surfboard, you might like to consider which kind of waves would you like to try it for. Knowing these main points will greatly help you in your final decision when you’re shopping for a surfboard of your choice.

A longboard is 9 to 12 feet in size. They’re wider and much larger than most boards. They have one center fin, although sometimes you’ll see longboards with 2 side fins. The tails are typically flat or rounded ones. You may want to ride a longboard if the waves in your area are small. Longboards are excellent for beginners for its size and regularity of catching waves.

However, because of their sheer size, you’re going to have a longer paddle time in front of you. But when you start going, you’ll enjoy just how sleek they glide. For intermediates, longboards can help you smoothen out your technique. What’s good about longboard is that you may ride the big waves and the little ones. Longboard isn’t as stylish as its smaller counterpart, however it guarantees longer surf time all year round.

Funboards are shorter versus the long board — typically six to eight feet long. They’re what we frequently call as “Malibu designs”. They’re good for intermediate surfers that are shifting from longboards towards the flashier ones. It is versatile because you can ride it on small, mushy waves up to overheads. Funboards have the same design as a longboard – rounded nose, wide, thick and square tails. They can have a single fin or a 2 plus 1 set up – in which you have a long center fin flanked by two smaller fins that give you additional stability and management.

A fish is usually a shorter board – around 5 1⁄2 to 6 feet in length. It has a wide and thick body with rounded nose and wide tail – just like a FISH! This board features a twin fin or a quad fin set up. You can use this board for point breaks. Because of its width and length, you can be assured that even riding a small wave is fulfilling. A gun is a narrow, long board typically six to ten feet in length. Because of its narrow body, a gun is built for large waves unlike shorter boards.


Well, a longer, narrower board allows for a longer rail line. While a broader board is busy pushing the water away from it – or displacement – a gun basically glides on top of it. Shortboards are great for areas where waves are sharp — just like those seen in Hawaii. These boards provide better mobility and manageability unlike the longboard. Shortboards are thinner and have more rockers.Usually, a shortboard has three fins. But you can find new types available for sale that features four fins.

When should you use a shortboard?

If living inside the barrel is your thing, go for it. If the waves are inside their highest in months and you are attempting to climb up on them, then ride using a shortboard. You have to do your research when you are choosing for a surfboard. However, you don’t need to do it on your own. While you are wondering about what surfboard to purchase, why don’t you check out some surf vacations to help you grow your surfing skills? We found an organization that gives surf instructional tours and camps in places like Costa Rica. Would you like to find out more? Then check out All-Star Adventures (


6 Best Guides for Bikram Yoga Starters

A session’s worth of Bikram Yoga can be quite overwhelming in the beginning. Not only are you signing up to the hottest (sorry for the pun) yoga class around, thus having you alongside professional yogis, you’ll push yourself to complete a series of Asanas in a damp, sweaty place.

Are you all set? Before you stretch your way to fitness, here are some helpful tips which will help you get over your first session.

Talk to your doctor

Before signing up for a yoga class, it’ll be to your own benefit if you consult your doctor should you say “yes” on the following concerns:

Do you suffer from diabetes? Are you affected by high or low blood pressure? Are you pregnant? Are you prone to nausea? Better consult your healthcare provider prior to submitting yourself inside of a room stuffed with sweaty folks. There’s nothing more serious than fainting while attempting a tree pose. If that’s the case, you’re best off enrolling in an alternative yoga program.

Dump the lotion

Visualize yourself nailing a perfect Standing Bow-Pulling Pose just to slide out of it because you are coated with lotion on your body. Isn’t that annoying? Keep your lotion and moisturizers in your car and allow your body’s natural moisture take care of you.

lunchtimeFocus on one goal

Just forget about what others think about your Asanas. They are not there to check on you. Everyone seems to be busy with themselves to be concerned with how good or bad you do the Eagle pose. Rather than seeking a few pretty individuals within the crowd, immerse yourself to the concept of elegant physical movements you thought were unachievable, such as Costa Rica surfing.

Check your clothing

Cotton clothes only trap sweat – making you feel overweight and cumbersome. You ought to consider tight clothing to assist you to release the heat your body generates. Bringing a towel for good measure is advisable because you will definitely sweat a great deal.

Your breathing makes a difference

Do not hold your breath when you are performing a tough pose. Do not try to become too mechanical either. The perfect breathing relaxes your body and mind and assists you thru trickier poses. So, is there a proper way to breathe? Did you hear about the 80-20 rule? Breathe deeply up until you fill up your lungs. Breathe out 20% of your breath. Continue with 20% inhalation and exhalation while holding your position. Breathe out after completing the pose.

Fluid is your pal

Get plenty of fluids two hours before your session. While you’re at the session, a sip or two is advisable. Don’t guzzle during breaks or you’ll find yourself running to the bathroom every now and then. Since a Bikram yoga session uses up an enormous amount of calories, you may find yourself losing vital fluids. Rejuvenate yourself with electrolytes. Gatorade, coconut water and Emergen-C are your top options to help you to get back on target. Shortage of electrolytes may cause headaches, nausea and cramps.

Bikram Yoga promises a number of helpful advantages such as: eliminating toxins from your body, flexibility, toughness, coordination and an extremely powerful core. However, as with every other workout or fitness routine, you need to be sure that you are ready and up to the challenge. Follow these guides for a great Bikram Yoga session so you can also surf Costa Rica with your loved ones.