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Three Well-known Skateboarding Questions: Answered


Am I a Poser?

Let’s say you’re just getting into skating and you were having a tough time in the park. Someone called you a poser and you were upset because of that. Question: would you believe the guy? Answer: of course not! If skateboarding is your interest, then ignore what others say. Haven’t you noticed that everyone who started learning how to skate were called posers? It’s up to you to pick yourself up and prove your haters completely wrong.

How can you prove your haters wrong? Well, you could begin by taking a look at your deck. Posers don’t spend on serious decks because they do not plan on using them for a long time. Do you have a quality deck that will survive a summer of skateboarding? When you’re excited about skateboarding then you will certainly consider this question. Another great action to take is try out a skate camp or go on a skateboard session. We at Top Momma consider that All-Star skateboard lessons in Denver,Colorado is among the very best skate camp in the United States.

Next, perhaps you should begin mastering the skateboarding fundamentals like Ollie. Posers don’t know how to Ollie since they’re too busy acting “cool”. Practice how to ollie as if your life relies on it.

Posers try to wow through brands, wearing or riding with the hottest craze. But don’t allow yourself to be like them. Wear something – branded or not – that’s comfortable. A basic tee shirt will do. A nice pair of pants or shorts is great A durable skate shoe will do. Remember, posers dress because they need to impress. On the other hand, increase your value by showing your peers about your love for skateboarding.

Fads come and go. What’s hot with kids nowadays is probably not cool three to five weeks from today. But what will really get noticed is your style in the park. Develop your techniques by training the tricks that posers can only can dream of. Instead of spending your time thinking about how to impress others, how about ask yourself which skills you ought to be famous for?


Is skateboarding too late for me?

No one is too old to skate – unless whenever your hips and knees are starting to give you sleepless nights. Seven year olds might be abusing you at the park, but so what? You simply have got to begin somewhere.

Being too old doesn’t mean you can’t master new skateboarding tricks. However, if you’re planning on learning new skateboarding tricks, you better start with the basics. Warm yourself up with the skateboarding fundamentals  for several weeks or perhaps months before you attempt something crazy.

Are you aware that skateboarding is a good kind of workout? A day’s worth of skateboarding is an effective aerobic fitness exercise great for weight reduction. Skateboarding also develops your sense of balance and alertness. Now who’d have thought that a children’s toy could offer those benefits?

A recent article discusses a new group of skaters known as “skategeezers”. They are middle-aged people – usually in their 40’s and up – who still benefit from skateboarding. Here’s an excerpt:

“Part of the joy of being a skategeezer is sharing the joy of skateboarding with our kids, nieces, nephews, and – yes- grandchildren. We don’t do this to be cool, we do this for the pure thrill it generates. A lot of skategeezers also volunteer to run competitions in their communities. They are happy to give back and help the next generation. “ (“Why you’re never too old to skateboard?” by Michael Brooke,


Does wearing a helmet makes me a wussy?

Pose that question to individuals who suffered from head injuries and concussions just because they don’t want to be labelled as such.

If you’re just learning how to skate, it’ll be better if you wear your helmet because your sense of balance isn’t yet developed. Even expert skaters like Tony Hawk wears one, so why don’t you?

There’s an short article written by Joel A. Erickson, a Denver Post Staff Writer, entitled “Look, ma, no helmet”. Let the message sink in and may this be considered a reminder on how crucial it is to put on your helmet.

Skateboarding is a fun sport. It is a global sensation made possible by those that enjoys it. If you really like skateboarding, you have to make sure that you devote your time mastering it. May this article helped address your skateboarding issues once and for all.