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The Ollie and The Manual: Skateboarding techniques for Rookies


Put a little twist in your skateboarding skills! Sure, you’ve had a great time just cruising along You have watched Tony Hawk and drooled over his incredible tricks. You know deep inside that you could also do it. However, you do not know how to start. Why don’t you start with the fundamentals? Make sense, right?

The Ollie and The Manual are staple stunts for beginners who wish to add a little bit more in their bag of tricks. These two tricks are so important if you want to progress to the top level. If you want to be the upcoming skateboard superstar, make it your main goal to perfect these tricks.

The pros at All-StarSkateboard Lessons in Denver, Colorado teach both of these tricks to newbies first once they have perfected pushing and basic turning. They can also fly you to join some great skate camps in Hawaii.


How To Ollie?

The Ollie is probably the most favorite skateboarding trick you’ll ever know. Who doesn’t? Most skateboarders can tell you that this is the basis of other skateboarding tricks. Ace this trick and you’re on your journey to land the perfect kickflip and heelflip. A little trivia, are you aware that Alan “Ollie” Gelfand created it as a trick performed in pools?

Since this trick requires sticking your feet on your board while jumping into the air, you have to practice how to lock your feet onto the board. Focus on where to place your feet. Make it a habit to place your back foot in the tail’s center and your front foot just behind the front bolts.

Gain enough power to help you elevate by crouching down. This is important for an ideal Ollie. To pop, snap the tail of your board while sliding your front foot up along your board. Then, jump. Suck your legs up to your chest, then level your board at the peak. Bend the knees as you land to properly absorb the impact.

Some variations of Ollie are: Nollie (front foot snapping rather than the back), Fakie Ollie (An Ollie done moving backwards), The Chinese Ollie (use the cracks to bounce yourself up), Ollie 180 (both the skateboarder and his skateboard turn 180 degrees after leaving the ground).


How To Manual?

The manual is basically identical to the wheelie on bikes. Just like wheelies, the trick requires you to ride your board with the front truck and wheels up. The manual is not as hard as it appears to be. The key is to develop your balance through constant practice. The manual is definitely a good place to begin when studying how to Ollie.

The initial step in learning the manual is to try to find out how to get used to ride on your skateboard. Remember where you place your foot. You may have to place your back foot on the tail with your front foot slightly behind your front truck bolts. This isn’t a rule. But you may start using this stance.

In manual, momentum is critical. It is crucial to have adequate pace until you find yourself cruising. To perform the manual, tilt your upper body forward while switching your weight to your back foot. Drive your weight to the back until you are riding on your tail. The tail should not touch the ground. Do this very slowly and hold out your arms in order to maintain your balance under control.

To end the trick, slowly shift your weight back to your front foot, lowering the front truck and wheels. You must be able to cruise along flawlessly.

Use a flat ground when practicing the manual. Some examples of locations you might want to practice are: your closest park, your garage or a parking garage. Any place that’s big and flat is fine.