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Skateboard your way to fitness!

When skateboarding became well known, a lot of people seen it as just another way to let kids do something better than sit on the couch and watch TV the whole day. Just like surfing, it wasn’t initially seen as a serious sport or a source of physical development. It’s simply a hobby – nothing more, nothing less. However, the popularity of skateboarding caught the eye of several folks. Today you will find even a skate camp in Pennsylvania for kids, teenagers, and adults. Folks are thinking, “is there something more about skateboarding than merely a pastime? ” Are there health benefits related to weird names just like ollies, flips, aerials and freestyle?

Take a look.

Skateboarding boosts your cardio and stamina

An hour’s worth of coasting daily is effective for your heart. It is a terrific cardio exercise because it burns up calories while you push on your board down the street or down the sidewalk. Another example, ollie involves leg power which brings serious burn of your calories. Basically, your metabolism really works for you by consuming fats inside you. To have a tougher cardio workout, try pushing yourself up an incline.


Skateboarding is a great core workout

When you are on your board, you should maintain your balance against opposing momentum and unstable areas. Regardless if you are skating your way at full speed or to slalom, you will be employing your abs, back and legs to keep you in place. This alone demands strength till you have returned at normal pace. A weak core means instability, that may cause a potential accident.


Skateboarding is good for your traps

The trapezius muscle is the flat, triangular muscle that goes over the back of your neck, your shoulders and your thorax. The trapezius muscle serves as an anchor — much like your core muscles — to keep you in place while you’re on board. It also helps you balance yourself while shifting quick directions.

Skateboarding can make your legs stronger

Tricks like ollies and aerials involve quick, upward motion while absorbing powerful impacts on landing. A weak leg means you can’t have the necessary elevation to make these tricks. Your calves provide support in extending your knees. The calves will also support your ankles which allow you to move the weight of your body forward. Your shins are the counterbalance of your calves as you tilt your heels downwards. A regular dose of skateboarding session will definitely allow you to strengthen this muscle group over time.


Do you want to be more agile? Then skate!

You must be very quick in reacting while skating. Agility is your ability to quickly start, stop and alter movements. While you skate, you encounter different twists and turns that require quick movements on your part. This is especially true when you are free skating on the street or down hill.


Skateboarding allows you to be more powerful

Sad to say, not in a superhero type of way. However, practicing aerial tricks can greatly profit your leg power to get enough “oomph” to help you elevate yourself a bit higher. This alone can help you improve those fast, powerful moves you need.


Skateboarding makes you a better person

This is the most important health benefit of skateboarding. Skateboarding is definitely an addictive hobby that doesn’t rely on alternative or unsafe substance to keep you ‘moving’. It provides an all natural rush making you produce more of those happy hormones called ‘dopamine’ — making you feel more relaxed and productive the whole day.