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6 Successful Tactics To Make the most From Your Skateboard Session


Did you have your best skateboard session today? What makes you go to your spot and skateboard until it gets dark? Every skater has his own tendencies before going out. Read these straightforward ideas that will help you get the most out of your session.


Everything begins with your mentality

Clear all the chaos inside of your mind and be focused. The very last thing you would like are disturbances before you go to your skateboard session. Remain cool, although everything’s getting out of hand. Do not force things to come your way. If you are too afraid to try that sick kick-flip you found on YouTube, then kick the fright out of your head and practice it anyway. Sometimes, scary things within our head do not happen in actual life.


Pump up your energy using your favorite music and video

So, what kind of music you like? What gets you energized to meet your buddies and hit it all day? Every skateboarder has his own set of YouTube videos and iPod songs which he plays to start him rolling. What about you? Have you seen Red Bull Perspective? What about Billy Marks in Good and Evil or Toy Machine – Welcome to Hell video? These videos will totally make you step out there along with your pals and be crazy.

If you like listening to music before a skateboard session, try Rampage. If you want a smooth playlist, include Phantogram’s “Mouthful of Diamonds” , “Take a minute” by Knaan and Gang Starr’s “Full Clip” in your iPod.


Get ideas from the professionals

Having one on one instruction from a skateboarder that knows how to teach you a trick will help you learn more quickly. You can get professional skateboard instructors at summer skate camps. We suggest the skate camp in Denver,Colorado run by the team from All-Star Adventures. Those guys are skaters for years and really know what they’re doing. They actually do skate camps in Denver and nearby areas. They also provide private skateboard classes in Denver.


Stretch and prepare yourself

If you believe that stretching are just for old folks, then you’re definitely wrong! Those hours of jumping, hopping, sliding, dragging and crouching will take a toll on your body. If you don’t prepare for the physicality of skateboarding, you are letting yourself catch a severe injury. So prior to deciding to do anything outrageous in the park, loosen up your legs, knees, shoulders and waist.

Keep yourself hydrated before, during and after your skate session — especially during summer. As much as possible, stick with water or fruit drinks to keep yourself hydrated. Fluids will help you avoid cramping pains and early symptoms of fatigue.

Have you eaten something before you skate? You don’t want to go out in the skate park with an empty stomach do you? You’ll never last an hour’s worth of session. But do not immediately start with a full stomach. Either you end up with cramps or worse, leave a mess around your spot. Remember that moderation is key.

Be on your spot early. Just skate around the site to warm up and to help you properly psyched up. Start with the usual tricks like kickflips and Ollies to build your confidence. A good set of Ollie and shove-it is sure to do wonders, so that you can try crazy stuffs.


During the session

The beginning of your skateboard session is  important. You want to build up your confidence from the ground up. This is why, you have to dial in with tricks you already know.

You have to take things slowly if you want to learn new tricks. Nothing beats patience, especially when you want to learn something for the first time. Keep your focus by letting go all the things that’s bothering you.

Repetition is the key of excellence. Keeping that in mind, once you’ve mastered a trick, you should do it again until it is natural for you. Take a note about how you did it and review it back home. Being consistent around the right things makes your skateboard session a success.

Having a hard time perfecting a Flamingo? Don’t worry about messing up. It’s natural. If you can’t seem to make a trick, leave it for a while and do something else. Break down each of the steps that you just did to see where you went wrong. Study your timing, your pace, weight distribution and foot position. These kinds of activities should grow on you and in time makes you a better skater.


Skate with your friends

Skate with individuals who you can learn from. This is the easiest way to accelerate your learning. It will always be much better to have somebody you can compete with so it will be a little more fun. Experiencing a friendly competition with your friends will help you improve your confidence and skills.


Have a backup … ALWAYS!

It pays to carry something extra before you actually skate. You have to make sure that you’ve got a backup spot. There will be days when you see yourself getting kicked out. It happens especially if your spot has a good weather and a lot of skaters came before you. Don’t leave your house empty handed, have some cash to buy a chocolate bar or a slushie. Lastly, it won’t hurt when you’ve got your skate tools so that you can adjust on the spot. It will make life far easier for you.

Skateboarding is not only a hobby. It is a lifestyle. You can apply these suggestions for everything you do and become a much better person. Probably, the best advice you can take from this article is simply to have some fun. Everything else is just an icing on the cake.