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A newbie’s guidebook in mastering The Ollie and The Manual


It is time to add some twist to your skateboard abilities. You’ve had a great time cruising along. You have seen Tony Hawk on YouTube as he does superb tricks. You realize deep inside that you could also do it. Still, you don’t know where to begin. Why not begin with the basics? Make sense, right?

Mastering The Ollie and The Manual is a must for beginners who wish to add a little bit more in their bag of tricks. The truth is, without these tricks, forget about other stuff. If you want to end up being the next skateboard celebrity, make it your main goal to perfect these tricks.

The experts at All-Star Skateboard Lessons in Denver teach both of these tricks to newbies first once they have mastered pushing and basic turning.


How To Ollie?

Every skateboarder loves the Ollie! Who doesn’t? Most skateboarders will tell you that this is definitely the basis of the skateboarding tricks. Perfect this trick and you are on your way to land the perfect kickflip and heelflip. As a sidenote, Alan “Ollie” Gelfand developed this trick back in 1977.

Considering that this trick involves sticking your feet on your board while jumping into the air, you should know how to lock your feet onto the board. Concentrate on where to place your feet. Make sure that you set your back foot in the tail’s center and your front foot behind the front bolts.

Get enough power to help you elevate by crouching down. This is key for the ideal Ollie. To pop, you need to snap your board’s tail and allow your front foot to slide up along the board. Then, jump. Suck your legs up to your chest, then level your board at the peak. Bend the knees as you land to properly absorb the impact.

Some variations of Ollie are: Nollie (front foot snapping instead of the back), Fakie Ollie (An Ollie done moving backwards), The Chinese Ollie (use the cracks to bounce yourself up), Ollie 180 (both the skateboarder together with his skateboard turn 180 degrees after leaving the ground).


How to Manual?

Executing a manual is similar to doing wheelies on bikes. It is a basic skateboard trick that would need you to ride your board with the front truck and wheels up. In contrast to other skateboarding tricks, manual is not as tough, though it is very critical to enhance your balance through regular training. If you want to know how to Ollie, you may consider how to do the manual first.

Learning how to be comfortable on your skateboard is the initial step in perfecting the manual. Keep in mind where you place your foot. It is recommended put your back foot on the tail and your front foot a little bit behind your front truck bolts. This is not a rule. But you can start with this particular stance.

Momentum is important so pick up your speed till you find yourself cruising around. To do the manual, your upper body should tilt forward then, transfer your weight to your back foot. Drive your weight to the back until you are riding on your tail. Keep the tail from touching the ground. Do this very slowly and hold out your arms just to maintain your balance in check.

To end the trick, gradually switch your weight back to your front foot, lowering the front truck and wheels. You must be able to cruise along perfectly.

A flat terrain is the best spot to practice the manual. Some types of locations you may want to practice are: your nearest park, your garage or a car park. Don’t forget, the spot has to be large and flat. It will also help if it has a smooth surface.