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3 Skateboarding concerns you are dying to solve


How not to be a poser?

Let’s say you are just getting into skating and you were having a difficult time in the park. Then, some random guy in the park called you a poser because you look completely like a noob. The question is, is it necessary to believe the guy? Of course not! As long as your reason for learning how to skate is out of absolute fun it brings, then you’re fine. The fact is, everybody who looks to  start in skateboard are called as posers.The greater challenge is to prove them wrong.

But how can you prove them wrong? First, you have to look at a high-quality deck. Posers don’t invest on serious decks because they do not plan on using them for a long time. Here is a basic question: Is your deck sturdy enough to endure a summer’s worth of skate time? Think about this question for a moment if you are enthusiastic about skateboarding. It’s best to develop your techniques by entering to a skateboarding camp or a skateboard session. We at Top Momma are convinced that All-Star skateboard lessons in Denver,Colorado is among the premier skateboarding program in the nation.

Next, maybe you should begin mastering the fundamentals like Ollie. Posers don’t know what an Ollie is or how to do one. Practice ollies to death and skaters won’t make fun of you. If you don’t want to be branded as a poser, you must be confident with yourself. Start with the things you wear. Posers try to impress through brands, wearing or riding with the newest fad. Don’t be like them. Wear something – branded or not – that’s comfortable. A basic tee shirt will do. Comfy pants or shorts are cool. A durable skate shoe will do. Remember, posers dress up because they need to impress. On the other hand, earn respect from your friends by showing them your enthusiasm for skateboarding.

Trends come and go. What’s hot with kids nowadays may not be cool a year from today. What will really stand out is your style in the park. Devote your time on the tricks that will put you above the poser level. Rather than deciding what to wear, why don’t you think about which techniques you want to be famous for?


Is skateboarding far too late for me?

So long as your knees and hips don’t give you trouble, by all means skate Seven year olds may be beating you at the park, but who cares? Everybody begins somewhere. What matters most is that you simply love skateboarding.

Everytime is the perfect time to learn new skateboarding techniques. But don’t forget to look after the fundamentals of skateboarding first. Warm yourself up with the fundamentals for a few weeks or perhaps months just before you start getting adventurous.

Do you know that skateboarding is a superb type of workout? A day’s worth of skateboarding is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise great for weight loss Skateboard boosts your speed, mobility and concentration. Who’d have thought that a pastime designed for kids have serious health advantages?

An interesting write-up describes a new group of skaters called “skategeezers”. Skategeezers is known as a group middle-aged people who still take pleasure in skateboarding Here is an excerpt:

“Part of the joy of being a skategeezer is sharing the joy of skateboarding with our kids, nieces, nephews, and – yes- grandchildren. We don’t do this to be cool, we do this for the pure thrill it generates. A lot of skategeezers also volunteer to run competitions in their communities. They are happy to give back and help the next generation. “ (“Why you’re never too old to skateboard?” by Michael Brooke,


Does wearing a helmet makes me a wussy?

Ask that question to a great number of skateboarders who suffered from head injuries and concussions just because they don’t want to be labelled as such.

If you’re just learning to skate, it will probably be better if you wear your helmet since your sense of balance is not yet developed. Even pro skaters like Tony Hawk wears one, so why don’t you?

There’s an post written by Joel A. Erickson, a Denver Post Staff Writer, entitled “Look, ma, no helmet”. Let the article’s message sink in and may this be considered a indication on how critical it is to put on your helmet.

Skateboarding is a cool sport. It’s a part of our culture which is growing to be a globally recognized phenomenon because of those who like the adventure. If you really like skateboarding, you need to make certain that you spend your time and effort learning it.